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Many thanks and all praises to Everest, our coding Senpai whose efforts, talent and skill are recognised and appreciated. We recognise the Intellectual property rights to Marvel and Marvel Entertainment for use of their characters and their likenesses, also the rights of the writers whose content is kept and appreciated here.

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 Board Rules
Optimus Prime
 Posted: Sep 14 2016, 03:34 AM
Relationship Status

The rules
Please read these rules before applying for a character here
The Administration here at Age of Heroes are dedicated to creating a drama free environment for our player base. In order to promote that we have crafted the following rules to make sure that our players find this site safe and fun which we place as the absolute priority here.

Section One:- Rules for Joining Us

1. This board followed the 3-3-3 RPG Rating System and therefore you must be aged 18 years or over to register with us. If you are found to not be of this age or suspected to be under aged then the Admin team reserve the right to remove you from this site.

2. When you register an account here you must use the name of the character rather than the alias for example if you were to apply for Captain America the account name should be Steve Rogers.

3. Ensure that you check out our board information on characters and powers that are restricted or banned before applying for them

4. Bullying is strictly prohibited here of any type and players found to be engaging in such activities or are reported to be engaging in said activities will be subject to admin review and possible removal from the site.

Section Two:- Character Application Rules and Guidelines

1. There is a minimum age requirement for characters to be applied for here of 15 years, canon characters from MCU who are under this requirement must be aged to the minimum requirement or are not eligible for application.

2. Character applications are to follow our formating and application guidelines as shown in the application itself. Improperly formatted applications will be pended for review immediately

3. There will be a maximum period for character applications to be worked on, this period of time is one week. After this your application will be archived and you will have to apply again.

4. Character power levels must be kept consistent with the general feeling of the MCU, the admin team reserves the right to ask any player whose character application does not match that criteria to adjust it according to this rule.

5. Mutants, Inhumans, Asgardians and other alien species are considered canon on this site and may be applied for. Individual applications will be subject to normal review processes but mutants will be consider to have been part of this boards historical time line.

6. Players found to be 'poaching' characters whom other players have publically expressed interest in will be subject to disciplinary action. In this case poaching is to be defined as putting forth an application for a character after another player has stated interest in said character in particularly rapid fashion without discussing mutual interest in said character with the other player. To us this is simply a matter of respect and we consider this behavior to be abuse of the letter of our 'first come first serve' policy.

7. Face claims must be well-established actors, models, singers, or other type of performers or the actual person portraying the character if they are MCU canon. No use of animated versions may be used for face claim purposes and they must be of good taste ie: No nudity or violent depictions to be used

8. Once the application is complete and approved, all other claims including who's who, face claim and group claims must be completed within a three day period to complete the application process. Then once this is completed will you be cleared to post on the board.

9. Before you apply for a new character you must have a base of 20 posts with your latest or current character before you will be permitted to apply for another.

OCs or Original Characters are permitted here however they will be subject to greater scrutiny than canon characters during the application process to make sure they do not unbalance the game by being too powerful. Please keep this in mind when crafting your character.

Section Three: Role Play Rules and Guidelines

1. God modding is strictly prohibited, the admin team reserves the right to intervene in role play threads or situations where this has been reported and it has been concluded to have taken place. Please respect each other and exercise proper judgment when role playing with each other

2. We operate as a 3-3-3 site and therefore some threads will contain sexual or violent content. Acknowledging this fact the admin team has a code system that must be used by players when creating their thread. This is as below:

[MV] - Mature for Violence.
[MS] - Mature for Sexual Content.
[MT] - Mature for Triggers.

An example of this is as follows:

Biting the Biscuit [MV]

This shows that the thread name is Biting the Biscuit but the code warns readers that it contains violent themes.

3. We encourage players to remember that not all players post at the same rate, some post faster others post more slowly. Please keep this in mind when writing with someone and understand that we all have lives and so posting replies can be delayed, that being said if someone has not replied to your thread in what you believe is a fair period of time please contact one of the admin team and we shall investigate the matter for you.

4. Respect is a big part of what we are about here at Age of Heroes and as such we encourage all of our players to interact with each other respectfully at all times.

Section Four: Board Activity

1. We have a base requirement for activity here on Age of Heroes of five posts though this is total not per character. Therefore if you have 2 characters then as long as you post twice on one and three times on the other you will have met this requirement. Failure to meet this will mean that the admin team will contact you to discover if there are reasons why this has occured, further violation of this rule may lead to loss of characters.``

2. If you are taking a leave from the board please post in the LOA section of the board, your characters will be considered safe for the period of time for your away. If this means you miss your activity requirement for the month then this will be taken into account and you will be considered safe from failing the board post requirement.

3. Checks on activity will be done at the end of the month by the admin team, players who are on this list repeatedly will be spoke to about the issue to see if this can be sorted. Character removal is always considered a last resort by the admin team.

Section Five: IC and CBox Rules

1. Please be respectful to players and others in the Cbox, abusive language or behaviour will not be tolerated.

2. Actions in the IC panel is not considered canon and actions/behaviour that happens in there are not to be used in main board threads or plots.

3. Be aware that as an MCU board there will be movies coming out that people will want to watch, please be careful of revealing spoilers and such in the CBox chat.

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