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Welcome to Age of Heroes, an MCU role playing site where we are following the story of Civil War and beyond. In this universe mutants exist and the X-Men are having into discover their place in a world where fear is growing daily, the Avengers strive to hold the line against aliens and metahumans alike and SHIELD fights for the freedom of all. Adventure and daring are promised and we invite you to come aboard and discover what lies ahead in an Age of Heroes.
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 Green's Plotter
Scott Lang
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 10:37 PM
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Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?
Anti Registration

Scott Lang. 35. Secret Avengers. Divorced.
Cassie Lang: Scott's one and only daughter who he affectionately calls "Peanut". She is the motivation for him wanting to become a hero and risk his life to make the world a slightly better place for her to grow up in.

Maggie Lang: Scott's first love and ex-wife, she is the mother of their daughter Cassie and divorced Scott shortly after his arrest. As far as exes go they seem to get along well enough and share custody of Cassie. She has since moved on and remarried Paxton.

Scott struggles trying to get a social life and has mostly given up on having "normal" friends. Try as he might it seems the only people he can relate to anymore are other superhumans.

Dr. Hank Pym: More of a mentor than a friend, Hank passed the mantle of the Ant-Man on to Scott when Darren Cross threatened to replicate Pym's formula. Since then Hank has opened a new Pym Technologies building in Manhattan, giving Scott a job and uses his brilliant mind to further enhance the Ant-Man gear.

Kate Bartlett: A SHIELD agent who tried to seduce Scott when she mistook him for a HYDRA agent. Despite the awkward circumstances of their meeting and unusual friendship they manage to get along as well as one could hope.

John Bartlett: Kate's husband, one of the few guys Scott manages to socialize with. They may not have allot in common but Scott can clearly see what a great guy he is and how well he gets along with Cassie.

Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider:

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Scott tends to fangirl over Captain America, the fact that he gets to fight alongside a living legend is a dream come true for Scott. He tends to pick up Steve's shield whenever he isn't looking just for fun.

Scott Summers/Cyclops:

Scott's luck with women is legendarily bad. Being a single father and divorcee who hasn't been on the dating scene for so many years has made Lang a bit rusty. Despite this he hasn't given up on love completely, not yet anyway.

Hope Van Dyne/Wasp: The two of them got off on the wrong foot but after proving himself they shared a brief romance before Scott left California for New York. Not long after she relocated to the Big Apple. Despite their differences, they do have chemistry even if she is reluctant to admit it.

Scott Summers. 32. X-Men. Single.
Alex Summers/Havok: Scott's younger brother who he thought lost after the tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of their parents and caused Scott's head trauma, putting him in a coma. When Scott awoke years later he found Alex had been adopted and sadly all records of it were lost when Scott's powers first manifested and he accidentally started a fire. As fate would have it, over a decade later the two brothers would be reunited when Havok found his way to Xavier's doorstep.

Professor Charles Xavier: Scott met Xavier at the age of 16 when his powers first manifested, the telepathic mutant saved Scott's life and took him into his mansion. Xavier adopted the boy and taught him about his dream of a world where mutants and humans lived in peace. Taking his teachings to heart, Scott gave 110% of his time and energy to become the best teacher and team leader he could be, wanting to lead the X-Men to make his adoptive father proud.

Abigail Summers/Amethyst: A teenage orphan who can produce crystal shards from her body. Given that she was discovered to be a distant cousin of Xavier, Scott felt adopting her was the right thing to do so he may give her the family she needed.

Given that Scott is a workaholic with a mountain of responsibilities weighing him down he has little to no time to socialize. He doesn't regret sacrificing his social life in favor of pushing himself to be a better leader and teacher but has still managed to make some friends over the years.

John Bartlett:

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler:

Scott Lang/Ant-Man: The two Scott's met years ago when they were both enrolled at Empire State University. They may be polar opposites but Lang insists that the bond of the ScottSquad is strong.

Madi Sparks/Aftershock: One of Scott's students, he feels he must voice his dislike of her getting romantically involved with Johnny Storm as he finds him to be the most irresponsible super-powered individual he has ever met but has to respect her right to make her own choices. Scott can only give her his best advice for life and hope Madi takes it.

Jean Grey/Marvel Girl:

Captain Lee:

Emma Frost/White Queen:

Kurt Wagner. 22. X-Men. Single.
Margali Szardos: The powerful gypsy sorceress of the Munich Circus who found Kurt as an infant abandoned by the river. She took him in and raised him as his own, keeping the boy sheltered within the safety of the circus. Despite trying hard to keep his true nature a secret he was eventually found out and Kurt was forced to flee Germany for a new life in America. He tries his best to visit his mother at least for the holidays and stay in touch despite the circus being constantly on the move.

Jimaine Szardos: Margali's biological daughter and Kurt's unofficial sister. Really she was Kurt's one and only friend growing up in the circus, the two were practically inseparable since there weren't many other children in the circus. Despite being his "sister" Kurt couldn't help but fall in love with the lovely young girl as a teen but never got the chance to tell her about his feelings. She remained with the circus and Kurt tries his best to keep in touch with her although it's easier said than done.

Raven Darkholme/Mystique: Kurt's biological mother, a shape-shifting mutant who's past is surrounded by mystery. Unfortunately, Kurt has no idea who his real mother is, where she is, or why she gave him up. But it has not stopped him from trying to find her to get the closure he desperately seeks.

Kurt is the friendliest mutants around and tries his best to make others happy. All he wants is to be accepted by others despite his looks which is why he goes out of his way to be extra nice whenever he meets someone new. He's happy to lend an ear to anyone who has a problem and is a true blue loyal friend to the end.


Scott Summers/Cyclops:

Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat:

Abby Summers/Amethyst:

Madi Sparks/Aftershock:

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch:

Peter Parker/Spider-Man:


Dani Knight/Ink: Kurt'sfirst girlfriend, their relationship was important but brief as a few months after they started dating she was forced to move away when her parents found they were on SHIELD's radar. Unfortunately, before the family could get out of town they were all killed by Venom, Kurt is unaware of that fact.
Human Torch
Johnny Storm. 27. Fantastic Four. Dating.
Sue Storm/Invisible Woman: She is Johnny's older sister who took on the role of mother since they lost their real mother to a car accident when Johnny was still a toddler. The Storm siblings love each other very much but Sue's constant nagging tends to get on Johnny's nerves. She wants the best for him, wanting Johnny to grow up and settle down so he could be happy.

Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic:

Ben Grimm/Thing:

Johnny has always had a fondness for the fairer sex ever since he was a child, losing his mother at such a young age created a strong subconscious desire for him to gain the affection of women and is partly responsible for his attraction to older women. He started dating at age 16 and has dated and hooked up with a variety of girls over the years, all of whom he tries his best to stay on good terms with. If a female shows she dislikes Johnny he will bend over backward to appease her until she makes up his mind.

Madi Sparks/Aftershock: Johnny's current girlfriend, unlike his 3 ex-girlfriends she fell for him without ever seeing him due to her blindness. It was his personality that she fell for which has made their relationship deeper than just about any other he had in the past.

Kate Bartlett: Johnny met her while he was an ordinary male model, he got entangled with one of her SHIELD missions and the "hot lady James Bond" ended up going back toJohnny's apartment that very night. They hooked up a few other times but after the death of his father Johnny mistakenly stopped contacting her. Months later after becoming a member of the Fantastic Four their paths crossed again although this time it was strictly platonic.

Mastermind Excello
Amadeus Cho. 17. Champions. Single.
Sadly, Amadeus lost his parents and younger sister when a psychopath tried to murder the teen genius by blowing up the family's home. Knowing it was all his fault, Cho has sworn to hunt down the person responsible and make them pay.

Baymax: Designed by his late mother and built by Cho himself, Baymax serves as a caregiver/bodyguard. Originally he was meant to work in conjunction with Helen's invention the Cradle as a robotic nurse but has been modified by Amadeus with martial arts programming, removable carbon-fiber armor, and non-lethal weaponry.

With his vast intelligence Amadeus had a hard time socializing with his peers and was often bullied for being a know-it-all. This led to him wanting to shut himself off from the other non-geniuses and becoming closer to his highly intelligent younger sister. After losing her and his parents Cho was left alone until he joined SHIELD which prompted him to once again socialize with others. Making friends with people his own age is tricky for him but he's slowly getting better at it.

Director Phil Coulson: Tracked down Amadeus after he lost his family, Coulson recruited Cho to be an agent of SHIELDand put his talents to good use. As his boss, Cho respects Coulson more than most but still feels his time and energy could be put to better use outside of the lab Coulson encourages him to stay in.

Kate Bartlett: An agent of SHIELD who can sometimes treat Amadeus like he was her kid which can get on his nerves, he insists they are co-workers but deep down appreciates having someone looking out for him.

John Bartlett: Another agent who's inhuman superpowers were essential in assisting Cho finish work on the Zephyr. along with Kate, John is one of the few agents he gets along well with and trusts implicitly.

Dr. Hank Pym: As one of the 7 people smarter than Cho, the young inventor enjoys spending time with the founder of Pym Tech. Their mutual love of science has given them plenty to talk about and Pym himself has said Cho is like the son he wished he had. When Amadeus brought the idea of the Champions to him, Pym was more than happy to supply the team with a headquarters, tech, and additional funding under the table.

Scott Summers/Cyclops: After being introduced by Madi, he and Scott began communicating online on a regular basis, mostly to put their skills to the test in online Chess games but also to bounce ideas off each other.

Abby Summers/Amethyst: The two of them met during the SRA debacle and found they both agreed that the adult heroes were wasting their time fighting each other instead of the real threats while keeping young metahumans sidelined. This led to them wanting to create their own team, the Champions, young heroes who can make a real difference.

Madi Sparks/Aftershock: Cho met Madi just before losing his family when they made the trip up to New York. She brought him to the Xavier Institute and introduced him to Cyclops after mistaking his high-intelligence for mutant powers. He secretly harbors a crush for the violinist and has invited her to be a Champion.

Amadeus hasn't had a girlfriend just yet but has harbored feelings for Madi Sparks, Black Widow, and even Psylocke.
Multiple Man
Jamie Madrox. 27. X-Factor. Complicated.
Agent Madrox:

Matt Rocks:

Sheila DeSoto:

friends here
lovers here
Eddie Brock. 20. Unafilliated. Single.
Eddie has no family, his mother died in childbirth which led to his father Charles to resent him his whole life. After losing his wife Charles provided Eddie with whatever a child required but never gave his son the love he desperately needed. His father later died in the same plane crash that killed the Parkers, who had been of the family having introduced Charles to his wife. Unlike Peter, who had a loving aunt and uncle to take him in, Eddie had no one and spent the rest of his life working hard and providing for himself.

Anne Weying: His high school sweetheart, Eddie proposed to Anne once they reached college and had plans to wed after graduation. Sadly Eddie's obsession with Spider-Man and tension between the lovers caused Anne to eventually break up with Eddie, giving him his ring back.

Not one to socialize, Eddie has no one he can truly call his "friend". The symbiote has convinced him it is the only companionship he really needs but it hasn't stopped Venom from making temporary alliances with others to achieve certain goals.

Linnorn Jörmungandr/Midgard Serpent: To call them "friends" is a stretch, they are unlikely allies who simply assist each other to reach their own goals. Venom helped Lin locate an artifact belonging to Fenris so she may reunite with her brother and in return, she agreed to help him with his vendetta against Spider-Man.

Venom's role as a lethal protector has made him an enemy of heroes and villains, he's an unstable, bloodthirsty monster who would love to see Spidey and the Avengers pay for their crimes. Aside from them, he has taken it upon himself to destroy criminals wherever they may lurk. The guilty are executed while the few Venom sees as "innocent", mainly children, are spared from his wrath.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Childhood friend turned mortal enemy, Eddie blamed Spider-Man for the loss of his job, his loving fiancee', and his job. Likewise, Eddie felt betrayed by Peter who he had always looked out for and protected from bullies. It was this hatred for Peter and Spider-Man that allowed the symbiote to bond with him, reveal its secrets, and share its superhuman powers to turn Eddie into the deadly Venom.

Victor Shade. 2. Avengers. Single.
Being a synthetic lifeform the Vision technically has no family although many individuals were responsible for his creation such as Ultron. Others include Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor, and Dr. Helen Cho who invented the Cradle which was used to create his body. As far as "parents" go one could say he was the child of Ultron and Helen which would qualify Vision as an orphan.

Tony Stark/Iron Man:

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch:

Vision as yet to master the complex emotions humans have but that hasn't stopped him from empathizing with others and wanting to protect lives. In time he may develop romantic feelings for another.
Fenris Wolf
Fenrir Hróðvitnir. 932. Unafilliated. Single.
Linnorn Jörmungandr/Midgard Serpent: She is the twin sister of Fenris, a fellow monster and the only being who he feels understands him and considers his equal. Despite spending almost 800 years apart their bond is stronger than ever and Fenris would die to protect her.

Angrboða: The mother of the twins, Fenris' relationship with her is strained at best having an emotional wound from when she abandoned them as children. He distrusts her after learning that he and Lin were only born into this world as pawns in Angrboða's game to usurp the throne from Odin by providing an heir with Loki.

Leikny Lokadottir/Huntress: Another spawn of Loki, Fenrir's younger half-sister. Unlike Lin, he doesn't feel the same sense to protect her as an older brother should. Whether he will eventually consider her family or foe remains to be seen.

Sturm and Drang: During his imprisonment on the island, Fenris once took the form of a woman in order to mate with Surtur and bear him twin sons. These two wolves are destined to chase the sun and moon respectively.

The likelihood of Fenris ever feeling romantic love are about as good as Hel freezing over. Being a beast driven by basic instincts he's gotten into physical relationships to "scratch his itch" with various women and even a couple men.

Fenris does not go out of his way to create enemies but since he generally leaves a path of pain, death, and destruction in his wake there are plenty of individuals who would love to see the Wolf god dead.

Loki Laufeyson: The god of mischief and father of Fenris. While they may share the same blood they are complete strangers, having only laid eyes on Loki once only to be dismissed and ignored. Being rejected as his son planted the seed of hatred within Fenris' heart which has only festered and grew along with the beast. Of all the beings of the nine realms, Fenris hates Loki most of all.

Thor Odinson:



The Warriors Three

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