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 Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk / Jessica Biel / 32 / Humans
Jennifer Walters
 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 04:55 PM
I know a thing or two about rage. And that kind of fury... it's not going to pass without taking someone with it.
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She-Hulk 32
June 10 Single
Neutral Humans
Jessica Biel Nicky
Born to Elaine and Morris Walters, Jennifer grew up as an only child in Southern California. The closest thing she had to a brother was Bruce Banner, her cousin, whom she'd spend all her summers playing with. Her father was a Sheriff for the LAPD for as long as she could remember, and his upbringing did more to develop her strong sense of morality than anything else, which is why when she went to college she studied law. However, her decision to practice criminal defense created a large rift between her and her father, one that would last many years, and indeed, until this day.

After graduating early from high school, at the age of sixteen, Jennifer would go on to study criminal justice in UCLA, before moving to New York City in order to get a law degree in Columbia. After graduating magna cum laude from Columbia, Jennifer quickly got a position in one of New York finest law firms, at Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz, soon becoming one becoming one their top defense attorneys, all the while keeping in contact with the only family member that mattered to her, her cousin, Bruce.

When Jennifer just turned thirty, already well on her way to making partner, Jen was suddenly struck by a speeding luxury car while on her way to meeting up with her cousin, whom she had not seen in a few years. She would have died of blood loss had her cousin, Bruce, who had secretly been hiding in Harlem, not given her an emergency blood transfusion to occur, the transfusion saving her life. Doctors were surprised by her quick recovery afterward, though she complained of consistent pain unrelated to her accident, comparing it to “growing pains.”

Roughly a month after the accident and her amazing recovery, Jennifer transformed for the first time while watching a baseball game at home, gaining almost a foot of height and a great deal of muscle. Partly terrified and partly amazed, Jennifer realized that her cousin might have some connection to the urban legend of a “monstrous hulk” roaming the country. Her powerful new body brought with it a sense of confidence and power that she’d been lacking before, and she let the world see it without shame or fear.

Unfortunately, things didn’t stay simple after that. Jennifer’s law firm, despite arguments from one of the owners, fired her quite promptly upon her return to work, attempting to cite the amount of time she’d taken off work (to learn to control her enhanced strength). While prior to her transformation she might have meekly accepted this, the new Jennifer wasn’t having any of it, and Jennifer sued her ex-employer for discrimination. During the process of the trial and the research it entailed, Jennifer realized that the growing field of metahuman-related law was largely untapped potential, as there was currently no one who truly specialized in such matters. Once the suit was resolved (in her favor), Jennifer took that, and the also sizeable settlement from her suit against the driver that hit her, and opened her own law firm, Walters & Associates, specializing in representation for metahumans and those affected by metahuman events.

Jennifer prefers not to label herself a "superhero" or a “metahuman,” but as a “person with powers.” To that end she focuses most of her energy on her professional pursuits and activism, rather than seeking out a team to join or actively fighting crime as a primary goal. Instead she primarily becomes involved by happenstance or opportunity… if a supervillain starts a rampage a few blocks from her office, she goes, or if she sees a bank being robbed while she’s out jogging, she stops them. She's usually ready and willing to fulfill requests for help from other heroes, however, she enjoys the adventure of it, and to a certain extent considers it a civic duty.

Outspoken – Jennifer’s sense of physical invincibility tends to carry over into her personality as a sense of social invincibility. While she can be quite politic in the courtroom, outside of it she has a tendency to speak her mind with few reservations. She hates taking guff from anybody, and her tolerance for doing so is quite low… though at least in most such occasions, she prefers to lash out with a verbal diatribe rather than her fists.

Compassionate – Jennifer is, by nature, a compassionate and understanding woman. Empathetic to a fault, she will listen to everyone’s problems, and comfort them as best she can. She is especially that way with close friends and fellow metahumans. Unlike most women in her profession, Jennifer is capable of seeing past a person’s past and insecurities to see the person that lies beneath.

Self-Sacrificing – Jennifer will do anything for those she cares for and loves. She is very faithful to those she considers to be family, friends or comrades, and very often is willing to fight to the end to protect them from harm. Just never betray that loyalty or she will see to it that you regret it.

Perfectionist – Although most wouldn’t guess this about her, Jennifer is in many ways a perfectionist. She detests having disorder around her and she prefers for things to go as planned. She won’t give up on whatever goal unless she achieves perfection. Jennifer also doesn’t like leaving things unfinished. If she has to pause in whatever she is doing, she tends to get frustrated, even angry. Among other things, Jennifer is also extremely stubborn. She will not quit at something until she gets her way. Period. Luckily enough she is also patient enough to keep trying no matter how many times she fails.

Physical – Jennifer is highly enamored of her powerful “hulked out” form, generally preferring to stay in it whenever possible. She likes chances to use her abilities and to push her limits, despite her life's focus being on more mental pursuits. Similarly she likes hanging out with other highly physically powerful people, and is usually pretty free with physical contact and showing off (as long as it stays appropriate).

Honest – One of the things that people seem to remember most about She-Hulk, is her ‘in your face’ honesty, having never been the kind of girl to sugarcoat anything. No. Definitely not. No, Jennifer is the kind of woman that says what she likes, when likes, to who she wants, having never been the type to hold back for something as ridiculous as ‘etiquette.’ You have a crappy hairdo? Jen will let you know. Did something stupid? Jennifer will make sure you and everyone in the same room hear what she has to say about your screw up. Don’t like it? Tough. It’s called a backbone. Grow one.

Tough – When you first meet Jennifer, the first impression that you get from her is that she has a strong, rough attitude. Life has not been kind to the lawyer. She has become the type of woman that doesn’t easily back down from a fight. Quite the reverse. Instead she’ll rush into any intense situation, no matter the consequences or the danger, and no amount of common sense will deter her from protecting someone who is in danger.

Ethical – Jennifer's primary motivation is to promote the idea that people with powers are just that: people, who happen to have powers. She is one to revert to the law for comfort. She finds justice is something she believes in. However, she can be vicious when wronged, and does hold grudges. Jen is less likely to hold a grudge, and more likely to just bash you about before calling it even. This means they should be afforded the same respect, consideration, help, responsibilities, and above all legal opportunities that everyone else would receive. Most of her work both as a legal activist and as a superhero is driven by this.

Skills and Powers

Physical Transformation: Jennifer can transform between her human and “hulk” forms largely at will, though it requires some amount of calm and concentration, the transformation itself taking only seconds. When going from human to She-Hulk, she gains nine inches in height and a great deal of extremely dense muscle mass, meaning that she’s heavier and harder to move than she appears. She also, obviously, turns a bright green.

Super-Strength: She-Hulk can lift in the range of around 70 tons. However, since her strength is also tied to her emotions, primarily her anger and fear, when upset, Jen can become potentially become considerably stronger, possibly as strong as her cousin, Bruce, when he is in Hulk form. This strength also allows her to leap great distances, though her control over her landing on her target decreases the further away it is. She-Hulk's leg muscles are sufficiently strong enabling her to leap capacity heights of at least 600 feet and a surface distance of at least 1,000 feet.

Speed: Primarily as a side-effect of her muscles being powerful but not bulky, She-Hulk can run and move faster than the human maximum, though her reaction time remains within human limitations.

Healing Factor: If injured, She-Hulk heals at an accelerated rate. Massive soft tissue damage or even broken bones heal within minutes. She also processes and rejects poisons, toxins, and mundane terrestrial diseases, rendering her effectively immune to being sick, drugged, or drunk (at least from normal Earth-based sources). This has also caused her aging to slightly slow down, causing her to keep a ‘youthful’ image despite her age.

Super Stamina: Partly due to the way her muscles work and partly due to her healing factor, She-Hulk's body is largely immune to exhaustion and fatigue. She would have to push herself as hard as possible for roughly two days before becoming tired.

Extreme Durability: While not invulnerable, She-Hulk's gamma empowered skin and dense musculature renders her immune to most conventional forms of injury. She can largely shrug off being shot by a tank, and similar levels of damage by energy blasts and other powers.


Combatant: Prior to gaining powers, Jennifer's only experience with martial arts was self-defense classes. Quickly learning how effective even those basic moves could be in her She-Hulk form, she's begun taking karate and krav maga lessons in human mode. Proving to have an aptitude for it, she's already capable of taking down a single larger (but less-skilled) opponent even in human form. When transformed, those skills become quite a bit more fearsome, allowing her to theoretically tangle with multiple foes of roughly equal strength and still come out on top.

College Education: While in the world of the Starks and Cho’s “genius,” has taken on a whole different meaning, Jennifer is still extremely intelligent, both a quick study and a creative thinker. She attended UCLA for her bachelor’s degree, and is a member of the Order of the Coif, marking her as exceptional among legal scholars, and went on to earn her Master of Law at Columbia Law School. She picks up new skills with relative ease and speed, and can easily carry over even vaguely applicable knowledge.

Law Degree: Jennifer has a law degree from Columbia Law School, and had graduated magna cum laude. Licensed to practice law and now in charge of her own law firm, Jennifer has a masterful command of the law, enhanced by the confidence and surety that her transformation has given her. Her courtroom presence is impressive, as is her technical knowledge.

Orator: Cultivated as part of her skill in the courtroom and partly simply as natural ability, Jennifer is skilled at public speaking or making statements. She uses this in court, during public events related to her activism, and occasionally in simple one-on-one venues (such as when someone has annoyed her a great deal and she wants to put them in their place).

Kinetic Force: While extremely dense and borderline invulnerable, She-Hulk has no special abilities allowing her to keep from being moved. If enough kinetic force is applied, she'll get sent hurtling out of control the same as anyone else.

Emotions: While she gets stronger when angry or even when afraid, the opposite is true if she becomes depressed or uncertain. If she becomes emotionally compromised this way, her strength and speed will decrease, making her much less effective in combat.

Berserk: Though she usually retains her intellect and rationality as She-Hulk, if sufficiently infuriated it is possible for her to lose control and completely “hulk out,” into Grey Hulk. In this state her strength is greatly increased, but her intellect and her ability to distinguish friend from foe are even more severely diminished. She also turns gray instead of green.

Human Form: In the form of Jennifer Walters, she’s just as human as anybody, possessing what’s probably slightly below average strength and speed. Though her body would likely attempt to shift to her She-Hulk form in response to any truly fatal injury, she is otherwise extremely vulnerable in this state.

Power Source Reliance: Jennifer’s transformation into She-Hulk relies on two things: the gamma radiation infused into her blood, and certain gene sequences she shares with her cousin. Should either of these be tampered with, suppressed, or removed, she would quickly revert into being merely human again, possibly permanently.

Public Figure: Unlike her cousin, She-Hulk has no secret identity. The world knows she is Jennifer Walters. While she tries to maintain her privacy, it's not that hard to find out where she lives, and where she works is a matter of public knowledge (as it would obviously have to be). While this suits her activism and ideals that she shouldn't HAVE to hide who and what she is, it can cause its own share of complications.

Blind Spots: Not literal ones, but emotional ones. Jennifer often has difficulty seeing things about people she cares about that she doesn't really want to see, for whatever reason. She puts off dealing with these issues until they inevitably come to a head, usually with disastrous results.

Reputation: Jennifer has some good things about her reputation since she became She-Hulk that can help her, such as: helping people seek compensation for damages from supervillain attacks, her superheroics, her beauty and approachability, her legal ability, and her activism. She’s also garnered negative aspects of her reputation: defending supervillains from prosecution, causing damage during battles, her love life, her inhuman appearance, and her activism. Those so inclined may only choose to see one side and not the other.

Sample Post
Uptown, Manhattan. The land of an auditory hurricane.

Walking out of the serenity of her apartment on the Upper West Side, Jennifer Walters was hit with a wall of sound on Amsterdam Avenue, the din almost deafening. Sirens. Garbage trucks. Taxi drivers yelling and speaking in hundreds of different languages and dialects. accelerating. School kids laughing as they walked to school. The click of heels of young women dressed. The sound of a businessman yelling into his iPhone. A Puerto Rican couple arguing about Facebook. Jen always loved the noise. It was what made the city what it was. Most didn’t understand just how loud the city could be. And it was. Take all those sounds and multiply them by ten. Then pretend it’s a fish, then slap yourself in the face with it. Sound is energy and that’s perhaps the most distinct part of the vibe of the this incredible city Jen called home.

Jennifer Walters was on her way to work… and for once, was not in her She-Hulk shape. She had a meeting today, with a very touchy judge, so she wanted to make a good impression, by not scaring the shit out of him. So she stayed in her human form, dressed simply in a white blouse, blue jacket and a knee-length pencil skirt and heels, her simple brown hair tied back into a bun and her face artfully made up, Jen looking the part of ‘professional attorney at law.’

Jennifer sighed, stepping into her favorite coffee shop and getting in line, her lips pursed and her eyes on her phone, reading over her notes for that day’s meeting, when behind her she heard it. The loud, bone-crushing CRASH! And then the screams. Looking over her shoulder, Jen frowned, seeing a crowd was forming outside, people rushing towards two cars that had apparently just collided, Jen’s eyes narrowing when she saw that some idiot driving a very over-priced Escalade had just slammed into a SUV… and the SUV was on fire… and the SUV? Had a family inside. And they were trapped. No way they could get out. The needed the jaws of life to get out… and there was no way in hell the cops would get here on time. They needed help. The needed her.

Jennifer groaned. Ugh. Crap. She liked this suit.

With a resigned sigh, Jen put her phone away, and hurried out of the coffee shop, rushing forward while also taking on the arduous task of undressing, Jen slipping off her jacket and then hopping on one foot to take off her high heels, this causing several onlookers to blink and stare, Jen ignoring them. “Get out of the way people! Powered person coming through!” she yelled while hoping on one foot. More stares. Jen rolled her eyes. “Instead of staring at me, why don’t you be helpful and call the cops!” she snapped.

Then, just as she was reaching the side of the SUV, and just before the fire would reach the family, Jen closed her eyes… and changed… With the swift pop of bone and muscle, Jen called on her other half, her more power-abled super self… frowning when she heard it. The tear of cloth. Time to add them to the pile of shredded outfits. And then she opened her eyes… and found that she was taller. Much taller. Where before stood a mousy little woman, now stood an Amazonian jade goddess, Jen hearing the gasps from the crowd. Yea. Not every day a She-Hulk appeared out of nowhere.

Ignoring the crowd, Jen hurried forward, first rushing towards the SUV, Jennifer giving the SUV a quick study. The Escalade was pinning the SUV, and had crushed the doors closed. The driver was uncouncious, and the kids were crying, begging for their mom to wake up. The Escalade’s driver was slopped over, also woozy, Jen able to look inside, spotting the bottles. Ah. A drunk driver. Typical. Grumbling, Jen rushed towards the two cars, seeing that the fire was growing. Jen grit her teeth. Not today.

With a grunt, Jen swung her hands together… and clapped. Hard. BOOM!

The shockwave rippled through the air, causing the cars to literally shake in place, the force also making a small gale of hurricane force wind, the wind putting out the fires. Then, seeing that the fire was out, Jen hurried to between the two cars, and easily pushed them apart, separating them. Once the SUV was no longer pinned, Jen then went to the crushed door, getting her long green fingers into the groves, and pulled, the metal screeching as she literally ripped the car door off its hinges, Jen tossing it aside and then looking inside the car.

The driver, the mom, had a bleeding temple and was still woozy from the impact of the air bags. The kids, who look around four and five, where okay, their seat belts thankfully in place, were still crying, both pausing in their tears to look at her in surprise, the tikes no doubt were not expecting to see a giant green lady today. Jen gave them a friendly smile. “Hey guys! Don’t worry. I’m just checking to make sure your Mommy is okay.”

The eldest of the two, a girl with strawberry blond hair and freckles stared at her in wonder. “Are you the jolly green giant?” she asked timidly. Egh. Never gets old, eh?

Jen smiled and flexed her arms, making her massive arm muscles bulge. “Yup! And if you eat your vegetables you’ll grow up big and strong like me!” she said with a wink and a grin. “Now stay here, and wait for the ambulance. They should be here shortly.” Stepping back from the SUV, Jen then marched over to the Escalade, her face shifting from cheerful and friendly, to angry and cross, her lips curling into a silent snarl. Which far less gentleness, Jennifer walked up to the door, and with a lot more force, Jen ripped the doors off its hinges and glanced inside… only to blink at what she found. What she thought had been booze bottles… were actually small plastic tubes that contained rolls of money, of all things… and the driver… wasn’t any old driver. It was Aleksei Sytsevich… better known as the Rhino. Dressed in his Rhino armor, the massive Russian had somehow managed to get his massive form into the driver’s seat and got behind the wheel of the car… and apparently he was drunk as a skunk!

“Dang it, Aleksei!” Jen yelled in frustration. “Did you rob another ATM?! This is going to mess with your parole!”

To his credit, Aleksei actually blushed. “Sorry Shulkie…” he moaned. Then he looked out at the SUV. “Did I hurt anyone?” he asked shamefully.

“The Mom’s a little banged up, but she’ll be ok.” Jen said with a sigh. Like many super-villains, Aleksei actually had been client of hers… and looked like he would be again. Jen groaned, not looking forward to the conversation she was going to have with the authorities. Groaning at the thought, Jen walked over to her jacket, and pulled out a business card, Jen walking back to the Escalade, Jen handing the card to Aleksei, who looked at it dumbly. “Remember. What do you say to the cops when they get here?”

Nichego. Nothing. Just that I want speak to my lawyer. Attorney. Da?”

Jen nodded in encouragement. “Yes! That’s right! And who’s your attorney?”

“You. Shulkie. You my lawyer.” Aleksei replied in his thick Russian accent.

Jennifer nodded. Good enough. Then she turned to go speak to the police, who had just arrived on the scene. Egh. It was going to be a loooooooong day.

Jennifer Walters

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Optimus Prime
 Posted: Apr 25 2018, 07:54 PM
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