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Welcome to Age of Heroes, an MCU role playing site where we are following the story of Civil War and beyond. In this universe mutants exist and the X-Men are having into discover their place in a world where fear is growing daily, the Avengers strive to hold the line against aliens and metahumans alike and SHIELD fights for the freedom of all. Adventure and daring are promised and we invite you to come aboard and discover what lies ahead in an Age of Heroes.
Many thanks and all praises to Everest, our coding Senpai whose efforts, talent and skill are recognised and appreciated. We recognise the Intellectual property rights to Marvel and Marvel Entertainment for use of their characters and their likenesses, also the rights of the writers whose content is kept and appreciated here.

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 Civil War Storyline
Optimus Prime
 Posted: Sep 18 2016, 06:26 AM
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Civil War Storyline
If you have any questions please refer them to staff, thank you.
After the events of Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron, the Governments of the world are now considering their positions on metahumanity and their place in society. The country that has taken the lead in this is the United States and their landmark Superhuman Registration Act which outlines the legal responsibilties of metahumans. The movement for this has been led by Tony Stark who has taken the position that metahumans and other powered individuals have a responsibility to make themselves known to the Government and for all of them to be accountable for their actions. This has become a popular outlook for the American people who are very much afraid of metahumans after the last few incidents with Ultron, the Incredible Hulk and aliens invading New York. This out pouring of support has pushed the SRA through the halls of power and to the desk of the President who has signed this into law recently and while it is law it has only just been signed so there is still a period of settlement being taken by authorities.

The person who has risen as the leader of the opposition to this law is Steve Rogers or as he is more commonly known as Captain America. Steve has taken the public position that the SRA is unconstitutional and against everything that America stands for, the very notion of forcing people to register because of the circumstances of their birth, an accident or other reasons is both illegal and a violation of due process, a person's right to privacy and their right to liberty. By taking this position he has effectively sundered the AVENGERS and he has reigned his position in that team so that the AVENGERS can look united despite the fact that he has left, he has started to develop contacts, resources and locations so that if he fails to prevent passage of this law which he has he and those following him can carefully and quickly disappear. Steve wanted to make sure that his people were well supplied and equipped for the long term, the fight against the SRA has to be done carefully because he has no wish to harm his friends but he also will not bow to tyranny, that is something of an American tradition.

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