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 Tony Stark, Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. 47. Avengers
Tony Stark
 Posted: Apr 4 2018, 10:05 PM
I am Iron Man. The Suit and I are one.
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Iron Man
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Iron Man 47
May 29, 1970 Single
Pro-Registration Avengers
Robert Downey Jr. Mark
Tony Stark was born the son of billionaire industrialist Howard Stark and his wife Maria. An only child, young Tony was exceptionally intelligent building his first motherboard at just four years old and his first engine at seven. During his younger years his father was usually absent, appearing cold to the young boy who never heard that his father loved him or even liked him. At fourteen years old he won the fouth annual MIT robot design reward and graduated MIT at the age of Seventeen. At twenty-one years old, both his mother and father would be killed in a car accident and a few short months later, Tony took over the role of CEO at Stark Industries.

For years Tony Stark would lead his company to entirely new levels of success, inventing highly advanced weapons for the US military, advanced robotics and a number of other technological marvels. Several years later, Stark would find himself captured and gravely injured by the terrorist organization known as the Ten Rings during a weapons demonstration in Afghanistan. His life was saved by Dr. Ho Yinsin who implanted an electromagnet in his chest to prevent shrapnel from burrowing into Tony's heart. Held captive in a cave until he built Jericho missiles for the terrorists, Tony Stark instead built a miniaturized Arc Reactor and used it to power the magnet in his chest and serve as a power source for his greatest weapon yet, the Iron Man armor Mark I.

Using his new armored weapon, Tony freed himself from the terrorists but lost his friend Ho Yinsen in the attempt. Upon his return to the United States, Tony would perfect his Iron Man Armor design, creating the Mark II and Mark III suits. After discovering that his business partner Obidiah Stane had been double dealing under the table, selling Stark weapons to friends and enemies alike, he set about stopping Stane, resulting in a battle that would see Stane perish and the proclamation to the world that Tony Stark was Iron Man. In the coming years, Tony would prevent many such enemies, including Ivan Vanko at the Stark Expo in 2010.

Stark would soon become a founding member of SHIELD's Rapid Response team known as the Avengers, made up of himself, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner and Clint Barton. Together the team would thwart Thor's brother Loki from enslaving humanity, defeating him at the Battle of New York against the Chitauri army, Tony would play a key role in the battle, being the first to open fire on the enemy and effectively ending the battle by guiding a Nuclear missile to the Chitauri mother ship. Not long after, having suffered severe PTSD from the battle, Tony would soon combat a new threat, saving the President of the United States from Aldrich Killian.

After the fall of SHIELD, Tony and the Avengers would be a key component in significantly reducing the threat from HYDRA, recovering Loki's scepter. While studying the scepter, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner would accidentally create Ultron, an AI bent on Human Extinction. Once more, the Avengers would be called to save the world, adding three more members to their ranks in Wanda and Pietro Maximoff and the VIsion. Together, they would defeat Ultron for good in the Battle for Sokovia, but the battle itself would lead to a call for Superhuman Registration, a cause that Tony felt they had no other choice to back especially after the bombing of the UN.

The Superhuman Registration Act would prove to be the undoing of the Avenger's splitting them down the middle with Captain America leading the Anti-Registration forces while Tony lead the Pro-Registration forces. While Tony initially believed in the need for registration, things started to change when the actions of Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross came off as strange to him. Using methods available to him, he began to investigate Ross's dealings and found a lot that was not adding up leading Tony to believe Ross was not who he appeared to be.

With Ross's decision to go in force to the Xavier Institute to force registration on all the students, regardless of age. Tony would decide to help Steve Rogers at the Battle by fighting of the Sentinels and saving as many as they could. Before the Battle, Tony would make preparations to go into hiding and after the Battle, Tony would destroy his own tower and go into hiding attempting to uncover the mystery of just what was going on and what it would mean for the world.

While seen as an egocentric playboy by practically everyone, Tony Stark is deeper than meets the eye. While in his younger years he was arrogant, callus and hedonistic, Tony does care about those close to him. While prone to causing problems, he is just as quick to make up for the mistakes he causes and fix the problems he may have created which is the driving reason for him to become a superhero, to fix the problems his neglect had given birth to.

While a classic playboy who's money, power, brilliance and charm can get him any man, Tony exhibits loneliness, a fact illustrated to him by his friend Ho Yinsen. After freeing himself from the Ten Rings and seeing what his weapons in the wrong hands were capable of, decided to stop producing weapons and change the entire make up of his company. In his heart, he is only trying to help those in need even if his ideas end up backfiring on him.

Tony is very pragmatic, having shown a proclivity for taking the easiest most efficient solution to solving problems which has put him at odds with the other Avengers. At the end of the day though, Tony is a reliable and loyal friend and teammate, willing to sacrifice to protect others and going out of his way to make sure his teammates have the best equipment to complete their job. When shown his greatest fear, losing his friends and having to carry on a lone, it encouraged Tony to seek new ways of protecting those around him. His paranoia and fear can some times get the better of him.

With everything that has happened, he has developed into a more responsible, serious and hardened man despite his mischievous nature.

Skills and Powers
Tony Stark is a human being that does not have any superhuman powers. Instead his strength as a hero comes from his indomitable resolve, his versatility and ingenuity. He uses a combination of his great intelligent and vast resources to combat evil as the Invincible Iron Man.

  • Genius-Level Intellect - Tony Stark is a scientific prodigy, having constructed motherboards and engines at very young ages. He graduated MIT with several degrees at the age of seventeen and his genius had gone to revolutionize technology for Mankind. Known as the "Da Vinci of Out Time", Tony Stark is one of the smartest individuals on Earth, able to familiarize himself with new sciences and technology seemingly overnight.
  • Master Engineer - Tony Stark is perhaps one of if not the greatest engineers in human history, creating many futuristic inventions that revolutionized the way humans lived. From miniaturizing an arc reactor, to creating the first Iron Man armor in a cave with limited resources, to developing artificial intelligence, to creating new and innovative weapons, Tony Stark has used his genius to outfit his teammates with the latest equipment to better serve their roles as global protectors.
  • Master Scientist - A brilliant mind in many different fields of science, he excels in the fields of physics, computer science, chemistry, and neuroscience. He has shown himself able to connect himself to an Arc Reactor to save his life, synthesize a new element and modify the Extremis formula. Despite his great knowledge, he admits that his friend Bruce Banner has him beat in different areas of study including radiophysics, particle collisions, and bio organics.
  • Master Hacker - A brilliant computer hacker, Tony Stark was able to crack the Pentagon firewall when he was a teenager on a dare. He's hacked into SHIELD's database while on the helicarrier and has successfully hacked into the Nexus world internet hub and recover the remains of JARVIS's code scattered all over the internet.
  • Expert Businessman - Having assumed leadership of Stark Industries at the age of twenty-one and becoming the youngest CEO of a fortune 500 company, his leadership has lead the company to become the worlds largest tech conglomerate. His business acumen has also lead to his consultant position with SHIELD and working with the US government on many key issues resulting from his time as a superhero.
  • Expert Tactician - While brash in his actions Tony has shown the ability to make split second decisions that have saved lives or overwhelmed his enemies. His plans are usually considered rather straight forward and lacking subtlety but have been successful regardless.
  • Skilled Leader - While at first wishing to work more on his own, when teaming with his friends he has shown himself to be a very capable leader, taking charge of certain situations and guiding his teammates through difficult encounters.
  • Multilingualism - Tony is capable of speaking English and French while speaking a little Spanish, Italian and Latin.
  • Skilled Marital Artist - Having received combat training from both Phil Coulson and Happy Hogan, Tony Stark is a skilled martial artist outside of his armor and has shown himself capable of evading and confronting Aldrich Killian and his Extremis Soldiers. When using his armor he is able to hold his own against many of his friends, combining his skill with the technology of his suits to overpower many.
  • Marksman - Outside of his armor, Tony is able to use most handguns with a decent level of efficiency.
  • Pilot - With a strong understanding of aerodynamics, Tony is able to pilot his Iron Man armor with ease, able to out maneuver two F-22 Raptors, the Hammer Drones and Ultron's drones. He is also able to pilot most Quinjets and is an outstanding driver.


Iron Man Armor - His signature piece of equipment and the very invention that allows him to perform his duty as an Avenger and superhero. The Iron Man armor has gone through many, many different versions since the original and will continue to grow with every new suit, but most had common weaponry and technology among them including:

  • Flight - Tony's Armor is capable of reaching Supersonic speeds at the drop of a hat, using thrusters on his feet and on his back. He is able to reach Mach 3 in terms of speed.
  • Superhuman Strength - With his armor, Tony is able to lift up to 60 tons of weight and easily lift tanks, cars and restart one of the large rotors of the SHIELD helicarrier.
  • Superhuman Reflexes - The suits advanced motors that allow for extremely fast and responsive movement. Whether in combat or used during flight, these motors allow the armor to remain coordinated and dexterous.
  • Superhuman Durability - Tony's suit can take tremendous amounts of damage, having survived tank shell explosions, 20mm vulcan shells and a head on collision with a F-22 Raptor, being hit with a number of cars and trucks, even having his house fall on him while he was underwater. The suit was able to protect him from extreme g-forces and was able to withstand attacks from a number of conventional and alien weapons as well as a hand to hand battle with Thor though the Norse God did show himself capable of crushing the arm of the armor.
  • Armor Systems - His armor is provided remote assistance from his AI FRIDAY who manages the suits systems at Tony's command. The systems include a holographic heads up display for navigation, power level, armor status, weapons systems, vital signs with cellphone and computer connections in the helmet, and a built-in loudspeaker. The suit is powered by a miniaturized arc reactor with a back up generator for emergencies and the scanner systems are capable of surveying his environment, weather conditions and equipment for information.
  • Energy Conversion Power Recharge - Tony's suit is capable of absorbing and converting energy sources, such as heat, kinetic energy or energy from the planet itself into electricity, directly into the batteries for recharge
  • Self-Contained Life-Support System and Environmental Protection - The Iron Man Armor is capable of being sealed completely for operations in a vacuum or underwater, providing it's own life support. The armor is also shielded against radiation and magnetism.
  • Armor Summon - Due to the implants in Tony's forearms, he is able to summon his armor or pieces of his armor to his body to be assembled over him at any time.
  • Mini Thrusters - Tony is able to summon miniature thrusters and attach them to objects in order to assist in difficult situations.
  • Immunity to Water Damage - Tony's recent armors are resistant to water damage and show no sign of damage when submerged.
  • EMP Projectiles - Tony is able to launch small EMP devices in order to disable electronic devices with controlled electromagnetic pulses.
  • Powered Clamps - His armor is capable of launching two disc shaped projectiles capable of clamping down and binding enemies in place.
  • Advanced Combat Analysis - Using the armors advanced computer systems and his AI's assistance, Tony is able to analyze a combatant's fighting style and use the information gained to counter said fighting style.
  • Repulsors - Tony's gloves house advanced particle weapons that shoot beams or blasts of concussive and explosive force. With the new Arc Reactor Tony is able to fire his repulsors at a moments notice and with enough power to potentially kill a human being with one shot an stunning super-powered enemies like Thor.
  • Unibeam - A more powerful version of the suits palm repulsors and stored in the chest, it requires more power to be used and thus is unable to be used as much. The Unibeam has the power to punch holes through super-powered individuals and disintegrate most stone and metal objects.
  • Lasers - Housed in the wrist of the Iron Man suit, these high powered energy lasers are capable of cutting through any common metal and draw energy from the arc reactor. Originally only being used as a one off, Tony has modified them to be used for longer periods of time.
  • Smart Miniguns - Housed in the shoulders of his armor, these smart guns use the heads up display to target multiple foes at once and take them down simultaneously, while capable of killing, they are capable of incapacitating enemies as well and are best used against unarmored foes.
  • Tank-Missile - Located in compartments throughout his armor, these missiles are capable of destroying tanks, Chitauri ships, and Leviathans when attacked from the inside.
  • Direct Cybernetic Interface - Thanks to devices implanted in his forearms Tony is able to mentally and remotely control his armor, either as a whole or in pieces. Using a holographic headset or glasses, Tony is able to see through his armors primary camera and increase his ability to remotely pilot his armor.
  • Armor Dependency - While a formidable opponent with his armor, Tony Stark is at his weakest when he does not have access to his suit of armor. While not defenseless, he is unable to combat super-powered or extremely skilled enemies on his own.
  • Armor Weakness - While his armor is extremely well made and durable, prolonged conflicts or overwhelming force can damage or destroy his armor, reducing his combat capabilities.
  • Recovering Alcoholic - While Tony has attempted to control his addiction, high levels of stress can have him reaching for a bottle and while occasionally showing the ability to fight or use his brilliant mind, his negative personality traits usually come to the front and make him hard to be around and function normally.
Sample Post
Normally, it was impossible to do this kind of thing. Tony Stark, THE Tony Stark sitting outside at a table at a sidewalk cafe. Of course he was going to have people come up to him, ask him if he was Tony Stark or Iron Man. Usually he'd mess with people, tell them he got that sort of thing all the time. Most didn't believe him, but he didn't tend to pay much attention to it. He was just going to enjoy his coffee and the gorgeous day. Try as he might, when a few kids came his way, he just couldn't resist making their day and giving out an autograph or too. He was nice like that.

Reaching for his cup, he brought it to his lips and sipped at the hot liquid. He always did love coffee, but before he could even put the cup down he caught something out of the corner of his eye. A middle aged man, pale of skin with sunken eyes wearing a leather jacket had quickly shuffled by, grabbing a woman's purse before taking off down the street before he could be caught. Unfortunately for him, he decided to walk by a cafe where Iron Man just happened to be relaxing at. With a bit of a sigh he reached his hand up and tapped the side of his sunglasses, activating the interface for his suit.

In mere seconds the Iron Man armor came down off the roof of the building where he had perched it and it swooped in with a roar of the thrusters and he directed the arm of the armor to grab the man by the back of his jacket and pull him back to the cafe. Finishing off his coffee, he stood up from his chair and walked over to the armor waiting for him, delinquent in hand. "Bad day for you, friend," he said taking hold of the purse and sliding it to the woman it had been stolen from. "Now then, let's find you a cell for you. Perhaps a time out will do you good."

Tony E. Stark
 Posted: Apr 5 2018, 03:55 PM
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