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 Norman Osborn, The Green Goblin
Norman Osborn
 Posted: Mar 10 2018, 04:47 PM
"We all wear masks, but which one is real? The one that hides your face, or the one that is your face?"
Scientist, Supervillain, Single father
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Jason Isaacs Shady
The son of Ambrose Osborn, Norman spent much of his youth living in fear of his abusive father and watching him squander the family fortunes. When he misbehaved, Norman's father locked him in the abandoned Osborn estate overnight during thunderstorms, where his imagination played tricks on him in the dark to the point he believed a horrible goblin was in the mansion with him, ready to attack him as soon as the lightning gave it away. The trauma damaged Norman's sanity irreparably and filled his heart with contempt and a desire for revenge as he grew up in bitterness, vowing not to be the weak loser his father was.

As soon as he was old enough Norman took part-time jobs and saved every cent he earned, his luck turning around when he went to college, taking a degree in science and engineering and marrying his girlfriend Emily after graduation before founding OsCorp Industries, his genius and shrewd skill in business management allowing his company to quickly grow and expand into the powerful corporation it is today.

Norman's happiness did not last, as Emily fell ill and passed away shortly after their son Harry was born. With the loss of the only person he ever loved, Norman's heart hardened and he grew colder and more ruthless in his business practices while neglecting his son. His past demons returned to haunt him but he pushed them back, restraining dark desires stirring inside him without his wife to keep him grounded as he crushed every competitor that tried to rise against him and seized the opportunity that opened when Stark Enterprises withdrew from weapon production and HammerTech's reputation was destroyed by its own CEO to become the government's new supplier for weapons and technology development.

In his time working with the government, Osborn personally designed the RAFT, a remote artificial island prison designed for containing those with extraordinary abilities that seemed to begin surfacing more and more, especially after an alien invasion rocked New York City itself, and it was during that time that the government grew more and more fearful of bigger, worse threats and tasked OsCorp with assisting in experiments designed to create enhanced humans and thus, super soldiers. Earlier tests were done on simpler creatures such as spiders during the trials in 2015, but larger animals often suffered side effects of violence, aggression, and even insanity.

In 2017, a new task was given to Osborn's company. In light of the "Civil War" that had broken out and caused in-fighting between Earth's mightiest heroes and strongest line of defense, the Avengers, over a controversial government law to demand all superhumans and such must publically register with the government, the public trust in the Avengers had declined and the government was running low on options to counter new threats should they arise. With Tony Stark also seemingly having perished and thus Stark Industries without its main source of its ideas, OsCorp was supplied shipments of salvaged technology from the Chitauri invasion and other Avenger battles, with Osborn expected to reverse-engineer them and produce new weapons and technology for military use, along with increased pressure to successfully replicate the Super Soldier serum that had created Captain America. While Norman was able to follow through on the former and produce a number of promising projects made from the alien technology, the key to the Super Soldier serum continued to elude him with the amount of time he was given to provide a successful human test subject. With no other option, Osborn performed a test with the current result on himself. The serum, administered in small doses through vapor inhalation, greatly enhanced his physiology and intellect seemingly without any loss of control...

...Or so it seemed. Even with OsCorp becoming the government's number one supplier of weapons and technology (Osborn having neglected the details of the serum experiments, but his other contributions made up for it), as well as securing Defense Contracts, it should have been enough, but it wasn't. Norman wanted more, to the point he found himself craving it, desiring a thrill and a rush of gaining more. With Wilson Fisk in prison, New York's criminal underworld was also suffering from a power vacuum and his past connections with them to aid in OsCorp's more aggressive methods of expansion would be scandalous if he did not control them himself. With another persona, he could take control of the criminal underworld for himself and sate his hunger. But there was one Avenger, New York's own high-profile hero Spider-Man to get out of the way as well if he were to succeed in his plans...

One evening, OsCorp's R&D department was broken into, and an experimental flight suit and combat glider were stolen...

Norman Osborn outwardly is an brilliant, charismatic man highly respected by his employees. It's really no wonder he has gotten where he is in life. That is just the surface, however. Norman is also an extremely cold, calculating and ruthless corporate shark if there ever was one when it comes to his competitors and those who displease him, traits that only grew worse after his wife's death when Harry was born. Due to his abusive childhood and fear of being seen as weak in any way as his father often warned him of being, Norman will do whatever it takes to get ahead, including making underworld connections that can help him sabotage and steal from rivals to put himself ahead and them behind him, seeing everyone as just a means to an end. Norman refuses to apologize as he sees it a submissive action and admittance to weakness and justifies all of his less scrupulous actions as simply doing what must be done to survive and get ahead in the cutthroat world of business, all the more so with all the huge incidents that have happened all across the world the past decade.

As the Green Goblin, the gloves come off completely and Norman fully indulges in his darker urges and desires to their utmost extreme, all manner of subtlty and restraint gone in favor of maniacal sadism and theatrical megalomania. Despite his openly deranged and over-the-top behavior, fits of maniacal laughter, violent outbursts, sick jokes and random non-sequitors that make it easy for people to dismiss him as an utter lunatic, the Goblin is a brilliant schemer with all of Osborn's cunning and manipulative skill who seeks to rule New York's criminal underworld and will kill anyone who stands in his way, especially New York's most prominent friendly neighborhood hero, Spider-Man.

As a father, Norman shows very little, if any, affection for his son, Harry, whom he views as a disappointment for lacking his scientific genius and business ethic. He has no problem with criticizing Harry in front of others with passive-aggressive remarks or an overall dismissive attitude, criticizing any achievements his son may make and is very strict with him, believing Harry requires this brand of tough love if he is to grow up into "a real man" and will motivate him to make something of himself and be a more worthy successor of the Osborn name.
Skills and Powers
Science & Engineering: Norman Osborn is a brilliant scientist, specializing in electronics, chemistry, and mechanics. This has allowed OsCorp to become one of the top military suppliers.

Businessman: Norman is CEO of OsCorp, a company he built from the ground up and brought into prominence in the United States with a number of military contracts thanks to his shrewd, cunning skill in business deals and management.

Hand-To-Hand Combat: Norman has studied martial arts growing up to be strong physically as well as mentally, and keeps his skills honed on his off-time, and thus is a master hand-to-hand combatant.

Due to testing his attempt at recreating the Super Soldier serum on himself, Norman Osborn's physiology has been greatly enhanced in several ways:

-Superhuman Strength: Norman Osborn's strength has been greatly enhanced beyond that of a normal human's peak potential and is strong enough to lift approximately ten tons.

-Enhanced Intellect: Norman's already genius-level intellect has been enhanced that he is able to process information much more quickly and due to already being highly skilled in chemistry, electronics, and mechanics has been able to add significant upgrades to the technology he "stole" that are more advanced then anything OsCorp's best engineers could create.

-Accelerated Healing: Osborn heals from injury at a much quicker rate then normal humans do, able to even regenerate damaged tissue and organs over time. This also makes him highly resistant to poisons, infections, and diseases.

-Superhuman Reflexes: Osborn's reflexes far surpass that of a peak-level human athlete's, allowing him to dodge gunfire and many quickly-thrown projectiles as well as possessing heightened reaction time in close-hand combat.

-Superhuman Durability: Osborn is much tougher then even a peak-level athlete and can withstand blunt force trauma with much more durability then a normal human, even from others who possess superhuman strength on par with his own. This also makes him more resistant to fatigue and allows him to operate in peak condition for longer periods of time.

As the Green Goblin, Norman is equipped with a wide arsenal of weapons and stolen technology to combat Spider-Man and carry out his schemes, including:

-Goblin Suit: Made from an exoskeleton "flight suit" armor created by OsCorp to go with the experimental glider to protect its rider from gunfire and high altitude, the Goblin Suit is made from the body armor salvaged and reverse-engineered from dead Chitauri invaders from the New York invasion. The armor's green-tinted plating is impervious to gunfire and sports a pair of gauntlets that contain three retractable blades on the sides and fire electrified charges of energy of up to 10,000 volts from the finger-tips, and a microprocessor panel on the right wrist to control the glider and its weapons remotely. The helmet, altered from the original armor's, sports a mask that resembles a goblin's face to add to its intimidating appearance and conceal Osborn's identity. The boots of the suit contain electromagnetized footpads to allow the rider to remain attached to the glider without risk of falling off as well as to steer its movements. The Goblin wears a tactical bandolier belt and vest for storing his weapons and a tattered purple hooded cloak over top of the armor.

-Razor-Bats: Bat-shaped throwing stars, capable of slicing through most substances with ease due to their sharpness and durability. The Green Goblin can use them as thrown projectiles or like a handheld knife. They are kept on a bandolier belt and vest worn over the armor.

-Pumpkin Bombs: The Green Goblin's signature weapon. They are orange-colored, handheld grenades with a light plastic coating that melts quickly in intense heat generated by the power core explosion to avoid possible shrapnel injury. The explosions produced by them are powerful enough to blast through concrete and melt 3-inch thick steel. The Pumpkin bombs are produced in mass quantities by the glider and dispersed through panels on the back.

-Goblin Glider: The Green Goblin's primary mode of transportation and means of carrying his arsenal, the Goblin Glider is a high-tech experimental personal glider produced by OsCorp from studying and reverse-engineering Chitauri technology combined with OsCorp's own advancements in aerodynamics. After stealing it from OsCorp's R&D, the Green Goblin modified it to give it a gargoyle-like appearance, with batlike wings and a demonic "head" which contains a flamethrower, a retractable blade, and the glider's microprocessor unit for manual control. In addition to this the glider is fueled by a Chitauri power core and comes equipped with a rocket turbine engine allowing it to fly at up to 90 miles an hour, and a set of VTOL rotors on the wings that allow it to hover in the air and support up to 400 extra pounds, though it can lift more for brief periods of time. The glider is highly maneuverable and is steered mainly through response to leaning gestures on the electromagnetic clasps on the wings which the rider is attached to via the footpads on the armor, with the wings able to retract and turn to fit through tight spaces or for quick descent.
Insanity: For all his power and cunning, Norman Osborn is not playing with a full deck. He has little patience and the impulses he indulges in as the Green Goblin are barely held under the surface. When things fall apart for him he will lose focus and quickly drop any pretenses of his eloquence and self-control and act aggressively, greatly costing him his strategy.

Pride: Norman Osborn is very sure of himself and his ability to succeed. While he shows a level of professionalism out of costume, as the Goblin he flaunts this arrogance and certainty of his abilities in full. This can cause him to underestimate his opposition. It also makes him very obsessive when he has been crossed. Norman Osborn despises anyone who gets in his way and instead of letting it slide, simply cannot sit still until he has crushed them completely and will use whatever method he can to do so and avenge his ego.

Family: While Norman Osborn shows very little paternal affection for his son Harry due to his disappointment in him for being "weak", he still values him enough to want him to succeed as he has and make him a worthy heir to OsCorp. Threatening Harry's life as a result can be used against Norman.

Sample Post
"Menkin, explain "working on it" regarding the PR job on the break-in," Norman said in a dangerous tone as he held his phone in an iron grip in the living room of the Osborn estate. The OsCorp CEO looked around, neither his butler Bernerd or his son Harry were anywhere to be seen. Good. Neither of them forgot to keep their distance during his calls except in an emergency.

"I don't accept weak excuses, Menkin. Our exo-suit and glider were stolen, our contractors want an explanation and if it costs us the Defense Contracts believe me your letter of resignation better include a suicide note!" Norman replied sternly. He listened as his subordinate provided a solution that produced the thinnest of smiles from Norman.

"That confidence better be well-placed. Arrange the meeting tomorrow, we'll show them the other projects and our progress on the serum" he said, hanging up after and pocketing his cellphone. Osborn looked around once more, and pressed a keypad on the wall, a door sliding open.

One elevator ride down, Osborn switched on the lights of the chamber it lead to, where the glider sat mounted at the center of the room, the exo-suit positioned on a mannequin with numerous weapons lining the shelves. Next to that, perhaps most noticeable of all, was a hideous green-colored goblin mask that sat on a table. Another thin smile formed on Osborn's face, that soon spread to a wide, crazed grin...

An equally crazed laugh echoed through the chamber moments later as a horrible figure on the glider swooped out through a tunnels leading into the exit point in the sewers.

Norman V. Osborn
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 10:32 AM
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