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 Danny Rand, Iron Fist/Finn Jones/25/Human
Danny Rand
 Posted: Jan 1 2018, 01:55 PM
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At the age of ten, Danny Rand, heir to the Rand Enterprises empire, went on a plane trip to China with his parents. The plane went off-course, traveling through an interdimensional gateway to the land of K’un L’un. Danny’s parents were killed in the crash, but Danny himself survived and was found by monks from the Order of the Crane Mother.

Lei Kung, one of K’un L’un’s famed Immortal Weapons, believed young Danny Rand’s arrival fulfilled an ancient prophecy- a prophecy that an outsider would take on the mantle of the Iron Fist and lead the Order of the Crane Mother to victory over their enemies, the Hand. Lei Kung took in the young boy as his ward and encouraged him to pursue the mantle of the Iron Fist, indoctrinating him with the values of the temple and a hatred of the Hand.

As he trained to become Iron Fist, Danny befriended one of the other young monks at his temple, a boy by the name of Davos. Davos dreamt of becoming Iron Fist as well, and this created a strong rivalry between the two boys. Eventually, it was Danny who was chosen for the honor of fighting Shou-Lao the Dragon, the trial that led to one becoming Iron Fist. This revelation devastated Davos, but he tried his best to be supportive of Danny.

Danny went to the cave of Shou-Lao the Dragon and defeated him, plunging his hands into Shou-Lao’s molten heart and receiving the mark of Shao-Lao upon his chest. His battle exhausted him, and Danny collapsed unconscious, to found hours later by Davos. As Iron Fist, Danny went with Davos to guard the entrance to K’un L’un along with Davos, lest the Hand attempt to invade. However, after months of seeing nothing but the snow-covered mountain peaks, Danny began to consider the threat of an invasion by the Hand nothing more than a fairy tale. When he saw evidence that the gateway between K’un L’un and Earth was once again open, he left his post, traveling through the gateway back to Earth.

Danny raised money to fly back to America by participating in illegal fight clubs wherever he could. Once he returned to America, however, he found himself lost and adrift. Being used to monastic life in a medieval land, he found himself confused as he struggled to adjust to life in modern New York City. To make matters worse, he had been declared legally dead, and with no means to prove himself the heir of his father’s company, the heir to a multimillion dollar company found himself homeless. Approaching his old friends Joy and Ward Meachum, he found himself faced with a frosty reception. With the apparent death of the entire Rand family, Harold Meachum, the business partner of Danny’s father, took over the business. However, he later succumbed to cancer, leaving his children in charge of the business. Much to Danny’s disappointment, his childhood friends were more frightened by the risk of the loss of their company that Danny represented than overjoyed to see their long-lost friend. When Joy presented Danny with a drawn up settlement that would give him a good deal of money in exchange for a promise not to attempt a claim on Rand Enterprises, he angrily refused to sign.

Ward and Joy invited Danny for a meeting at Rand Enterprises, only to drug his tea and get him institutionalized. Joy believed this plan was meant to sideline and discredit Danny if he attempted to use legal means to pursue his claim over Rand Enterprises. However, she was unaware that the plan had actually originated not from Ward but her own father, who had returned from the dead with the help of the Hand. Ward knew that his father was alive, but was forbidden to speak of it to Joy, and Harold was forbidden from being in the public eye by his saviors in the Hand.

Harold had bugged the psychiatric hospital that Danny was in, hoping to learn where Danny had been and why he had returned. Upon learning of Danny’s knowledge of the Hand, and his stated purpose as Iron Fist being to destroy the Hand, Harold decided that Danny could be used to free himself from the imprisonment of the Hand. However, Ward had other plans.

Much like Joy, Ward feared Danny being able to somehow prove his ownership of Rand Enterprises and paid off some of the orderlies to beat and kill Danny in the middle of the night. Danny’s adrenaline allowed him to overpower the drugs he had been given, which had interfered with his ability to control his chi. In command of his powers once more, Danny overwhelmed his assailants and used the Iron Fist to blow out a wall of the building he was in, escaping into the night.

With the aid of Jeri Hogarth, Rand was able to find evidence supporting his claim to his identity and his position in Rand Enterprises. Running damage control, the Meachums agreed to publicly announce Rand’s return and to give him a figurehead position at the company. Meanwhile, Harold met with Rand privately, alerting him to the presence of the Hand in New York and giving Danny a half-true explanation of how they had resurrected him- while forcing him into a reclusive life out of the public eye and forbidding him contact with his own children. Moved by Harold’s plea for help, Danny agreed to help him hunt down the Hand.


For a man who should be the heir to a multimillion-dollar empire, Danny is nothing like what you would expect. He is not the boy with the silver spoon in his mouth that people expect- he is not materialistic or ruthless, either. Rather, he has been accused by many of being naïve and idealistic.

But that isn’t entirely true, either. Danny has spent over a decade living in conditions that many would consider challenging. He has survived in extreme cold, living without running water or electricity. He was forced to develop a high degree of pain tolerance, survival skills, and self-reliance to survive in K’un L’un.

Most of Danny’s skills are obsolete and undesirable in the modern corporate workplace. This has led many employees to quietly scoff at the presence of Danny Rand, for he seems to lack the ability to contribute anything meaningful to the company. He lacks the ability to master common technology, he has limited understandings of modern business practices and lacks any sort of scientific or managerial expertise to contribute to the company. No one says these things near Daniel Rand, of course, but Daniel is aware enough to know about his inadequacies…and to at times be disillusioned by what he can’t do.

What gives Daniel Rand a sense of purpose is the fact that he knows he is hunting the Hand, and in doing so, his training in K’un L’un is validated as meaningful and important. When he is fighting, he knows exactly what he is doing, and everything is clear to him- unlike in his day job.

Skills and Powers

The Iron Fist: By channeling his chi, or life-force, into his fist, Iron Fist’s hand will glow and will gain mystical power that renders his fist indestructible and gives him superhuman strength. With the Iron Fist, he can punch through materials such as reinforced steel and concrete and snap handcuffs without doing bodily injury to himself. At this time, Danny can only use the Iron Fist on a single fist at a time.

Poison/Drug resistance: Iron Fist can harness his chi to allow his body to burn up poisons and drugs at a vastly increased rate, decreasing the effective time that they can affect his physiology.

Limited control over animals: Iron Fist can realign his chi in such a way that animals do not perceive him as a threat and will ignore his presence.

Peak human athleticism: Danny’s strength, speed, reflexes, stamina and agility are honed to the highest possible level

Highly-trained martial artist: Danny is an expert in Chinese martial arts, and in the use of ancient weapons such as shuriken, staves, nunchakus, and swords.


Limitations of the Fist: Using the Iron Fist requires an immense amount of spiritual and physical energy from Danny, to the point where he can only use the Iron Fist up to four times per day and can only maintain it for a couple minutes. As a result, using the Fist is not usually Danny’s first move in a fight- rather, it is used in the most dire of circumstances. After using the Fist, Danny has a greatly increased appetite and must rest and meditate as soon as possible to work on recovering the spiritual and physical energy lost by using the Iron Fist.

Sense of Purpose and Self: Self-doubt and spiritual confusion can interfere with the manifestation of the Iron Fist. An Iron Fist who doubts his cause or his worthiness as an Iron Fist cannot summon the Iron Fist until he rediscovers his sense of purpose and a positive self-image.

Limits to Poison/Drug Resistance: Danny must be aware that he is under the effects of a drug or poison in order to counteract it, and the more time before Danny starts using his chi to do this, the less likely it is that he will be able to counteract the effects. In addition, shadowy groups such as the Hand and the Chaste have devised poisons and gases specifically designed to disable or kill those who can manipulate their own chi, such as an Iron Fist.

Lack of mastery over technology: Danny has spent over a decade in a land without running water or electricity. He is struggling with things like driving a car, mastering smartphones, tablets, computers, and other things that most twenty-first Americans handle with ease.

Incomplete training: Danny did not finish his training as Iron Fist, and as a result lacks knowledge of many ways to use his powers. The lack of a tutor of any sort to help him complete his training means that any further growth of his abilities will likely be a long time coming.

Sample Post

Even now, Danny couldn't help but feel awed and overwhelmed, by the size, smell and noise of New York City. Had it seemed so overwhelming as a child, or was it simply a result of over a decade spent in the simple monastery he had been raised in during his time in K'un L'un? Regardless, it was only with an extreme effort of willpower that he was able to muster the courage every day to venture onto to confusing, chaotic streets. How did people grow to tolerate being in such close confines with so many people?

It was ironic, really. He had the courage to fight dragons with nothing more than his fists, but feared going out onto the streets of the city that he had been born in. Still, he felt the familiar anxiety rising inside him, despite the lack of logic in it. The feeling that there was just too much, especially too much noise. The fear of becoming lost in an environment where everything looked the same.

You're the Iron Fist, Danny. Not the frightened kid that arrived in K'un L'un, crying over dead parents and unable to survive on your own. He headed down a less busy side street, pushing himself against the wall and closed his eyes. He breathed deeply, in and out, finding his center.

Danny felt something bump into him, and opened his eyes to see a kid of about ten glare at him. "Watch it, man!" Danny said nothing, not pointing out that there was plenty of room in the street. He doubted the little punk was willing to listen. He turned his head to hide a smirk as the kid passed him. He wondered if he'd ever been that bratty...

Daniel T. Rand
 Posted: Jan 3 2018, 05:22 PM
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