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 Hercules Panhellenios, Herakles/Dwayne Johnson/Aliens
Hercules Panhellenios
 Posted: May 15 2018, 07:36 PM
Whatever Thor can't do -- Hercules can accomplish more mightily!
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Dwayne Johnson Green99
Hercules was born of two worlds, of gods and mortals. His father was Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods who one day found himself drawn to a mortal woman Alcmene, the wife of General Amphitryon. While Amphitryon was away at war battling the pirates of Taphos, Zeus took the guise of the general to seduce Alcmene who bore his child nine months later. He was named Herakles meaning "Glory of Hera" as an attempt to appease the goddess but it failed. Instead, Hera sent two serpents two serpents to kill the baby as he slept in his crib but even then his Olympian strength allowed him to strangle both snakes to death. As he grew older so did his strength making him a bit of an outcast. Eventually, the teen was sent to Cheiron the Centaur along with his nephew Iolaus to train under the great and powerful warrior. During his youth Zeus had decreed no god may touch Hercules but despite this Ares, god of war and favorite son of Hera made it his goal to make his younger half-brother's life miserable until the day Herc was considered a man and could be challenged in combat without Zeus' protection.

Returning home from Cheiron's academy he encountered a group of Minyan warriors traveling to sack the city of Thebes. He easily beat them all which led to Minya declaring war on Thebes, for his actions Herc was imprisoned. It was then that he learned of his true parentage. Reflecting on his arrogant actions the demi-god broke out of his cell and offered himself to the Minyan army to spare Thebes of their wrath and when they tried to behead the young brute the axe shattered on his neck. The Minyans tried their best to slaughter Herc with the small army of Thebes coming to his aid in battle, they were able to defeat the Miyans and as a reward, King Creon offered his daughter, Princess Megara's hand in marriage.

Hercules set out on a quest to understand his true heritage saving many towns from various monsters and the wrath of petty gods. In 1289 B.C., he and Iolaus sailed with Jason and his Argonauts on a quest to retrieve the golden fleece where they faced many deadly obstacles including the Akaana. However before the voyage was over Hercules was left behind when his companion Hylas was taken by Nymphs on the island of Mysia and the demi-god refused to leave the island until he found him, which he did not.

When he returned home to his wife Megara and three children he attempted to live a normal life. It was then that Hera gained her revenge by tainting his wine and sending the bastard son of her husband into a bloodlust frenzy where he killed his wife and children. As punishment he was set on the famous Twelve Labors: the taming of the Nemean Lion, slaying the multi-headed Hydra, capturing the Erymanthian Boar, hunting the Ceryneian Hind, the dispersal of the Man-eating Birds of Lake Stymphalus, cleaning the Augean Stables, defeating the Cretan Bull, reining-in the Man-Eating Mares of King Diomedes, acquiring the Golden Girdle from the Amazons, the theft of the red cattle of Geryon, the retrieval of Hera's Golden Apples from the Garden of the Hesperides, and finally fetching Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog of Hades.

Leaving home behind Hercules and Iolaus set out to roam the land far and wide and over time gained new companions, the spear-wielding prophet Amphiaraus of Argos, the knife-throwing thief Autolycus of Sparta, the feral warrior Tydeus of Thebes, and the Amazon archer Atalanta. Together they would aid mankind however they could, slaughtering monsters and putting an end to the cruelty of man and god alike and gaining a legendary reputation over the years. During these travels, he came across the beautiful Deianira who had caught the eye of the part bull, part man, part snake river god Achelous. The two fought over her hand in marriage with Hercules defeating the creature and then ripped one of his horns off as a trophy. On their return, they asked Nessus the centaur ferryman to aid them across the River Evenus. Nessus took Deianira on his back and as he crossed the river decided to take the woman for his own. Before he could escape Herc pulled an arrow dipped in Hydra blood from his quiver and shot the centaur. As he was dying Nessus deceived the demi-god's wife, giving her his blood-soaked shirt and told her if she ever felt Hercules was being unfaithful to lay the shirt on his body to work as a love charm.

Years later in 1246 B.C. Hercules was found in bed with another woman by his wife Deianira, remembering what Nessus had told her with his dying breath she fetched his blood-soaked shirt and placed it over Hercules as he slept thinking it would gain her Herc's loyalty once more. Instead, the Hydra-tainted blood of the centaur infected the demi-god and drove him insane with pain. There was no cure for the Hydra's venom and so the only escape was death. Iolaus built a funeral pyre to which Hercules threw himself on to put an end to the maddening pain. In that moment Zeus split the mortal body away from Hercules allowing this "shade" to fall to the pits of the underworld while the immortal part was brought to Mount Olympus to take his place among the other Olympians as the god of Strength and Labor.

In an attempt to finally end the hatred between himself and Hera, Herc married her daughter Hebe the goddess of youth and cupbearer of the gods. For a time he was pleased but eventually, he found his immortal life on Mount Olympus to be dull and boring. Once again seeking a life of adventure he took his steed Ibycus the pegasus and left the gods behind to travel to wherever a hero was needed. It was during this time that he first crossed paths with the Asgardians, the Kree, Xandarians, Krylorians, and other interesting beings across the cosmos.

Sometime in the 20th century the Olympian gods, not wanting to be completely forgotten by mankind would leave Mount Olympus. Zeus and Hera would pose as mortals and establish the Olympus Group in New York City, a fortune 500 company with a wide variety of interests and assets across the world. With the Olympians once again among mortals, Hercules would take his portion of the Olympus Group's wealth and set out in search of excitement. In the 1940's Herc decided to fight the new HYDRA, this time a group of men instead of a multi-headed monster as they tried to conquer Europe. A misunderstanding led to him being dubbed "Harry Cleese" by his America, French, and English allies. Sometime between 1950 and 1970, he made a home for himself in California, becoming known as the "Champion of Los Angeles" where he spent equal time helping and associating with mortals like Frank Sinatra, Marylin Monroe, and Hugh Hefner among others.

In 1985 he was recruited by Agent 33, Kara Lynn Palamas of SHIELD, being a historian and researcher who had a particular interest in Greek mythology she was the perfect agent to work with Herc when mythical monsters had once again been unleashed onto the world. SHIELD founders Peggy Carter and Howard Stark were at first hesitant to enlist his help thinking the man now using the alias "Victor Teglar" was delusional, believing himself to be the Hercules of myth but desperate times called for desperate measures. For a time Herc enjoyed working with SHIELD, albeit under the radar, even assisting the likes of Nick Fury, Hank Pym aka Ant-Man and his wife Janet aka the Wasp on other missions.

By the time the 90's rolled around "Victor" and his "legendary stories" of Hercules caught the interest of Renaissance Pictures who decided to film a movie inspired by them starring the actor Kevin Sorbo. One movie led to another and eventually, the movies proved popular enough to greenlight a television series Hercules: The Legendary Journies and in turn created two spin-off shows, Young Hercules and Xena Warrior Princess.

By the 2000's Hercules moved from the west coast to the east coast, finding an apartment in Brooklyn. However, sometime in 2007, the Prince of Power was found by his vengeful older half-brother Ares once more and the two clashed in battle. They fought so fiercely that Zeus had no choice but to step in and banished them both to the planet Sakaar where they could have their fill of violence. After about a decade living on the planet as one of the Grandmaster's champions, second only to the god of war Ares. By 2015 Herc prayed to his father for forgiveness and was granted a trip back home to Earth where he found things were not as he left it. His apartment and belongings were gone, most of which were legendary artifacts and weapons. Unable to reclaim them with brute force he sought out the legal counsel of Jennifer Walters which only made things more interesting.

After getting his property back Herc found a new place to live in Astoria, Queens. He once again made a comfortable life for himself among the mortals while adapting to a new age of heroes. With the introduction of the SRA, Hercules found himself siding against the law of man as he found their liberties trampled on. Once again the mighty Hercules would pick up his sword to protect those in need and fight injustice, forever having a new adventure on the horizon.

Hercules is a generally well-meaning and kind-hearted man, unlike other Olympians he spent his life among humans and therefore understands them better, usually siding with them against the gods. He roots for the underdog and despite his arrogance and womanizing will always do the right thing when a hero is needed. The Prince of Power never hesitates to risk his life to save another.

He is an adventure seeker, he enjoys the thrill of battle and testing his strength against others. Mostly he is a light-hearted individual who enjoys telling stories of his glory days over many mugs of alcohol and writing songs of certain feats. However, Herc is not always a jovial adventurer, he has seen his fair share of death and has lost many loved ones over his long lifespan, most notably his wife Megara and their children who he still feels haunted by their deaths.

Skills and Powers
-Superhuman Strength: Hercules is the Olympian god of Strength and Labor, as such he is the physically strongest of all Olympians. He was sufficiently strong enough to temporarily take over for the Titan known as Atlas while he tricked him into fetching golden apples then tricking him once more to take the immense weight of the heavens back. This vast strength also extends to his powerful legs allowing him to leap at least 100 feet into the air under Earth's gravity.

-Superhuman Speed: Hercules is far faster than any ordinary mortal, surpassing the best athletes mankind has to offer.

-Superhuman Stamina: His body generates almost no fatigue toxins granting him stamina well beyond that of mortal men, in a sense, he is virtually inexhaustible.

-Superhuman Durability: Hercules is highly resistant to physical injury, bullets bounce off his flesh, axes and swords break when he is struck, and he has been capable of withstanding powerful energy blasts, extreme temperatures and pressures, and falls from incredible heights. His resistance to injury surpasses the majority of Olympians except for Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.

-Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his godly physiology it is possible to hurt Hercules but is capable of recovering with superhuman speed and efficiency. Although he cannot regrow lost limbs or organs, Herc is immune to all known diseases and infections on Earth.

-Suspended Aging: Like all Olympians, Hercules stopped aging once he hit adulthood, retaining the physical body of a man in his prime despite being thousands of years old.

-Expert Combatant: Herc trained with the best fighters of his day, mastering boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling among other forms of hand-to-hand combat that he picked up over the centuries.

-Expert Archer: The Lion of Olympus has trained for years with a bow and can accurately hit a target from 384 meters away.

-Expert Marksman: His keen eyesight allows him to hit moving targets more accurately than the finest mortal athletes with bows and arrows or throwing weapons such as javelins.

-Weapons Proficiency: He is very well versed in all ancient Greek weaponry.

-Allspeak: The Olympians are capable of communicating in all forms of human and extraterrestrial languages.

-Professional Womanizer: His womanizing skills are legendary, he had numerous consorts, wives, and lovers, most of whom have bared his children. Herc's charms are so great even some men have fallen for them.

-Adamantine: The metal of the Olympian gods has been forged into various weapons, armor, and tools by Hephestus, including Herc's mace, shield, bow, and sword. This metal is one of the few that have been able to pierce Olympian flesh.

-Adamantium and Vibranium: The two Earthly metals that have been found to also pierce an Olympian's flesh.

-Hydra Blood: This extremely toxic substance is what initially killed Hercules and despite being made the god of Strength and Labor, Herc is still susceptible to its poison.

-Magic: Unlike full-blooded Olympians, Hercules does not have the ability to wield magic in any form save for an enchanted object. Therefore magical attacks can harm or even kill him.

-Arrogance: A trait of Herc's personality he's had since puberty which has cost him greatly over the years. His overconfidence in his godly powers has led him to fall for his enemies' traps or leap headfirst into battle with no plan whatsoever.

-Women: Another weakness he gained around puberty, Herc can sometimes think with the wrong head and end up in a world of trouble.

Sample Post
Many years ago Lityerses, the illegitimate son of the great King Midas made a name for himself while dwelling in Celaenae, Phrygia. The madman would challenge any and all who passed by his lands to a harvesting contest, forcing them if need be. And when they eventually lost he would claim his prize by beheading them, adding the heads to his grotesque collection and their bodies in the sheaves. Eventually, word of these contests reached Hercules as he traveled the lands righting wrongs. He had known King Midas and despite his greed and obsession with gold considered the man a friend as well as his lovely daughter Princess Zoë. It saddened Herc to learn that Midas' neglect as a father was partly responsible for these crimes but the Lion of Olympus knew too well how disappointing some fathers could be, Zeus for instance. Herc traveled to Celaenae finding the people who were left living in fear of the crazed reaper of men, with Iolaus at his side they went to confront Lityerses once and for all.

"So, the mighty Hercules has come to meet my challenge?"

Lityerses spoke with a devious smile spread across his face with a large scythe draped over his muscular shoulders, the blood of his many victims dried upon the wood and steel blade.

"I have come to put a stop to your madness Lityerses, I will only give you one chance to yield. Lay down your scythe and swear there will be no further bloodshed and I shall spare your life."

"HA! Foolish godling, you think I fear you? I have spilled the blood of countless men on these lands, yours will be no different."

Hercules could see the man was beyond reason, the bloodlust in his eyes was undeniable. Lityerses dropped the blade of his scythe to the ground, his muscular arms gripping the long handle as he stood before a field of wheat.

"I challenge you godling, pick up your blade or forfeit your life."

The Olympian did as he was asked, drawing a sword from his belt, when the signal was given the two men began racing through the field, cutting down the stalks of wheat as rapidly as they could unaware that Zoë was watching the competition. The contest did not take long and despite his incredible winning streak, the mortal lost to the son of Zeus. In a rage he attacked Hercules who swung his sword, slicing off the top of the scythe, leaving only the wooden handle. A swift punch knocked Lityerses to the ground, Herc's strong boot stepped on his chest pinning him to ground with the point of his sword hovering over the man's throat.

"So it ends Lityerses, you will never again take a life as recompense for the hardships the Fates bestowed upon you."


Cried Zoë as she raced toward her brother and former lover only to be caught by Iolaus who kept her in a firm grip.

"Please Hercules, if our love meant anything to you, I beg you to spare my brother..."

Tears flowed from her blue eyes, it pained Hercules to see her in such a state. Despite the horrible crimes her brother committed she didn't want him slain.

"My apologies Princess, I take no pleasure in this but this man is best suited with Hades."

With that Hercules plunged his sword downward into Lityerses' throat much to his sister's horror. Drawing the sword back he wiped the blood from the blade and placed it back in its sheath. By then Iolaus had let the grieving sister go, she fell to her knees beside the body to mourn.

"I curse you Hercules! Curse you and all you hold dear!"

She screamed through the tears as Hercules and Iolaus turned away to start the journey onward. Neither man felt particularly proud of putting a stop to this grim reaper but it needed to be done.

"A hero's work is not always glamorous..."

Hercules Panhellenios
Optimus Prime
 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 02:32 AM
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