Welcome to Age of Heroes, an MCU role playing site where we are following the story of Civil War and beyond. In this universe mutants exist and the X-Men are having into discover their place in a world where fear is growing daily, the Avengers strive to hold the line against aliens and metahumans alike and SHIELD fights for the freedom of all. Adventure and daring are promised and we invite you to come aboard and discover what lies ahead in an Age of Heroes.
Many thanks and all praises to Everest, our coding Senpai whose efforts, talent and skill are recognised and appreciated. We recognise the Intellectual property rights to Marvel and Marvel Entertainment for use of their characters and their likenesses, also the rights of the writers whose content is kept and appreciated here.

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With Great Powers
[jcink] intermediate mcu rpg
First Link -Ruth- 0 1 10 minutes ago
Last Post by: -Ruth-
Mending Fences
Jean Grey/Scott Summers
Manhattan Jean Grey 6 84 13 minutes ago
Last Post by: Jean Grey
Sekkai Fractures
An Original Dragon-bonding Role-play
First Link -Silverfeather- 0 1 Yesterday at 11:14 pm
Last Post by: -Silverfeather-
I Am The Bird of Hermes (Pages 1 2 3 ...5 )
Tag: Rogue
Manhattan Jacen-Zel 61 278 Yesterday at 09:38 pm
Last Post by: Jacen-Zel
A Game of Cat and Spider (Pages 1 2 )
Tag: Black Cat
Brooklyn Peter Parker 24 159 Yesterday at 07:24 pm
Last Post by: Peter Parker
Night Hunt V2.0
Peter Parker
Hells Kitchen Laura Kinney 9 63 Yesterday at 07:23 pm
Last Post by: Peter Parker
Trust Exercises
Tag: Blink & Madi
Brooklyn Amadeus Cho 6 48 Yesterday at 07:22 pm
Last Post by: Amadeus Cho
Family Ties (Pages 1 2 )
Tag: Jamie Madrox
Manhattan Laura Kinney 25 195 Yesterday at 07:20 pm
Last Post by: Jamie Madrox
Ravages of Time (Pages 1 2 )
Tag: Felicia
Manhattan Jamie Madrox 22 203 Yesterday at 07:19 pm
Last Post by: Jamie Madrox
An Asgardian Werewolf in New York
Tag: Feral
Central Park Fenrir Hróðvitnir 12 154 Yesterday at 07:17 pm
Last Post by: Fenrir Hróðvitnir
Jennifer Walters (WIP)
She-Hulk / Jessica Biel / 32 / Humans
Apply Jennifer Walters 0 18 Yesterday at 04:55 pm
Last Post by: Jennifer Walters
A Walk to Remember (Pages 1 2 3 ...5 )
Tag: Megara Hunter
USA Steve Rogers 63 370 Yesterday at 10:29 am
Last Post by: Megara Hunter
Doctors without Borders [MV] (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
Tag: Megara Hunter
Other Countries James Howlett 51 337 Yesterday at 10:21 am
Last Post by: Megara Hunter
Lines of Communication
Tag: Tony Stark
Other Countries Phillip Coulson 7 55 Yesterday at 09:41 am
Last Post by: Tony Stark
X-Men: Re-United (Pages 1 2 )
Tag: X-People
Queens Scott Summers 17 326 Yesterday at 06:06 am
Last Post by: Jean Grey
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